Employees at American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL) Furious, New Uniforms Make Them Sick

Workers at American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL), are up in arms against the management for making them wear new uniforms that were issued recently. Hundreds of them have claimed that these dresses are making them fall sick.

American Airlines is the world’s largest airline company by fleet size. Operating worldwide, they employ 118,500 people as of 2015. The new uniform was introduced recently for flight attendants, pilots, and those working in customer service. This is the first time they have changed the uniform in about 30 years.

It would also be the first time that all the flight attendants would wear the same look. Many of these attendants were previously with the U.S. Airways before the two businesses merged.

Complaints Against the New Uniforms

A total of 50,000 of their workers were asked to wear this new dress. However, the complaints started to come in quickly.

Many who were asked to wear the new uniform reported having headaches, and others said they broke out in hives. However, the airline company denies this, saying that just 15 employees have complained directly. That could be because many of their workers are complaining to the unions instead. In fact, the employees are saying that more than 400 of them have complained already to the unions.

Female employees are saying that the dresses are extremely sheer and not right for the workplace.

What’s Causing the Issue?

American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL) further states that the new uniforms were tested thoroughly before they asked their workers to wear them. They are also saying that the uniforms are much “better than other fabrics in the industry”. However, not wanting to take a risk, American Airlines has since then, sent the uniforms for further testing.

But what is causing the problem?

The headaches and other symptoms could be because of an allergic reaction to the wool used. But some flight attendants are saying that those who are wearing cotton uniforms are having the showing the same symptoms too. As of now, it is uncertain about what exactly is causing the problem.

Twin Hill had made all these uniforms for the airline company. They make uniforms for many other businesses. The uniforms are made of a blend of wool, and the blouses and shirts are of cotton.

American Airlines haven’t yet come out with a direct statement on the issue. However, they have conceded that the company has received some complaints. Currently, they are thinking of giving their employees the option of switching to a polyester dress.