AT&T (NYSE:T) Starts Testing 5G Network in Texas

The telecommunications giant AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) on Monday disclosed they are currently testing the first ever 5G network experience in Texas. Earlier in the year, the business had said that they will start testing this technology before the end of 2016.

The tests are being carried out at the Intel offices in Austin. For these trials, the company has paired up with Ericsson and is using mmWave or millimeter wave technologies that will provide speeds of 14Gbps for 4K video.

Ericsson (STO:ERIC-B) is based out of Stockholm in Sweden. The company is a global leader in telecommunications equipment and services.

AT&T’s 5G Trials to Find out How It Works in Business Environment

AT&T and Ericsson’s trials are using internet access, unified communications, 4K video streams, and VPNs in the 28GHz and 15GHz spectrum bands. Once the trial results are out, AT&T will know how this new technology works in business environments.

The company’s senior VP of networking product management, Rick Hubbard said, “This trial is a significant step forward. We’re leaving the lab and heading into the field with a real-world business customer. We expect mmWave technology to be an important part of 5G”. This will accelerate our 5G work, he added.

Other Major Carriers Are Working On 5G Technology As Well

But AT&T is not the only business that is testing this new technology. In fact, it was learned that all the four major carriers are currently working on 5G. However, AT&T and Verizon have certainly taken a lead in this. Verizon recently disclosed they have begun testing 5G, and AT&T naturally had to take quick action.

However, analysts are saying that 5G networks are still a few years away. The 5G standard has still not been defined, which means that it’s going to take some time before we finally have this. For most businesses, the target date for 5G is around 2020. But some analysts feel that even this date may not be reached.

They have also pointed out that not everyone will have access even when it is launched, as 5G will start only in a few select areas first. The new standard will need new infrastructure because it uses millimeter wave technology that cannot pass through obstacles or travel long distances.

For now, AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) is likely to gather their learning from these trials and implement it in their next research and development work.