Nestle’s (VTX:NESN) New Dog-Friendly Factory in Sudbury

Workplace stress is a serious concern, as employees are working harder than ever before and trying to meet deadlines. In the process, they are becoming physically and mentally ill, leading to man-day losses. This means productivity loss and poor output.

One business has taken a unique route to solve this problem.

Nestle (VTX:NESN), based out of Switzerland, and the world’s largest food company, has decided to open their doors to pets, saying “dogs are workplace stress busters”. The company has a pet food factory at Sudbury in the United Kingdom, where employees will now be able to come to work with their pets. This makes it the first UK business that has opened their doors to pets in the workplace. It is also the first time any Nestle plant is going to allow dogs or any other pets within the premises.

The plant has 220 employees, many of whom have pets. There are 25 others at the plant, who are deputed by contractors.

Workers Approach the Management to Allow Pets

Workers at the plant had made a request to allow their dogs, but it was initially turned down. Apparently, many of the workers had to leave their pets alone at home, while they were working at the plant, and they were not happy about it.

However, to their credit, Nestle agreed to carry out a behavioral assessment test to find out the implications of such a move. The management also wanted to ensure that the environment will remain safe and happy. A condition was set that the pets should be socialized and settled well when they were inside the building.

Nestle welcomed the “Pets at Work” scheme once the study revealed that the move will actually be a positive one. Kevin Shrimpton, the factory manager said he was “delighted” to welcome the pets. “As we know, modern life can mean we spend more and more time at work and have less social time. Having pets at work is one of the ways in which we can enjoy the companionship of pets and reap the benefits”, he said.

People and Pets Are Better Together

Crystal Butler, the safety health and environment manager at the plant says it’s “a fantastic achievement”. “People and pets are better together and what better way to ignite this belief than to invite our pets in”, she adds.

The Nestle (VTX:NESN) study also indicated that one in two workers in the United Kingdom will be happy if their dogs are allowed in the workplace.