Adidas (ETR:ADS) Launches Paul Pogba Apparel and Footwear Collection

The German multinational Adidas (ETR:ADS) has launched an apparel and footwear signature collection with the French football and Manchester United star Paul Pogba. Adidas or Pogba, neither disclosed the financial details of the deal.

Adidas Launches a New Logo for the Paul Pogba Collection

However, it was disclosed that this new signature range is bringing together elements from hip-hop and fashion. A new “PP” logo has been designed exclusively for this. It highlights gold and black, which are the favorite colors of Pogba, creating a marble effect. A new track titled “Never” by MHD was also launched with the release.

Pogba was naturally happy with this association. He said, “I joined Adidas because I believed that it would let me express my creativity on and off the pitch. After wearing a number of one-off bespoke boots on the pitch, I wanted to take things to the next level. The launch of the Adidas x Pogba Collection is the first step of my wish”.

Paul Pogba is among the most creative soccer players at the moment. The central midfielder helped Juventus of Italy win their 32nd Scudetto title last April and later helped France reach the UEFA Euro 2016 Final to complete a brilliant year. Later in the off-season, he joined Manchester United to play beside other stars like David de Gea, Juan Mata, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Rooney, Schweinsteiger, and others.

Pogba has other signings and endorsements, but the Adidas deal is expected to be his most high-profile yet. His signing only solidifies Pogba’s stardom even more. Adidas can also expect to gain considerably from this signature collection.

Stores That Will Sell the Paul Pogba Collection

The new PP or Paul Pogba collection that was launched on January 17 won’t be available at all company stores at this time, though. That will take some time, according to the business. For now, the apparel and footwear signature collection are available on sale at a few Adidas stores in Chicago, Glasgow, Berlin, Athens, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Dubai, New York, London, Miami, Florence, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, and some other cities.

Meanwhile, the boss of Adidas (ETR:ADS) says he is extremely optimistic about the new United States administration in spite of the threat of Trump of imposing a stiff import tariff. The new CEO says he is upbeat about the future. Speaking to reporters Kasper Rorsted said, “Overall for our business in the U.S., I am extremely optimistic”.