Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) To Give 20 Paid Days Off For Mourning

facebook sheryl sandberg

The COO of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Sheryl Sandberg wants her employees to have a full life. She is also compassionate about those who work for her. In December last year, she said sleeping is as important as working and asked everyone working at the company to sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours in the night.

This time, Sandberg says workers need time off after losing a loved one to grieve the loss. Sandberg, of course, knows what she is talking about since she lost her husband Dave in a grave personal tragedy in 2015. Facebook already has a bereavement policy where employees can take time off after a loss. That policy got even more humane.

Paid Time Off From Work to Grieve and Take Care of the Sick

The California-based social media and social networking service announced at a conference on Tuesday that their employees will now get up to 20 paid days off in a year to mourn the loss of a close family member. It would be 10 days for an extended family member. The paid time off to take care of a sick family member has also been increased to six weeks in a year. Plus, Facebook is also offering three days paid leave to employees where a family member has a short-term illness, such as a child with flu.

This new policy was announced at the Maker’s conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Later Sheryl Sandberg wrote a Facebook post saying, “Amid the nightmare of Dave’s death when my kids needed me more than ever, I was grateful every day to work for a company that provides bereavement leave and flexibility. I needed both to start my recovery”.

Sandberg has also asked other companies to follow the example of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and look after their employees better.

Tech Companies Are Doing More for Their Employees

An increasing number of tech firms are realizing they need to look after their workers better. Some top tech giants are offering more healthcare benefits and parental leaves than business in other areas. For instance, according to the current American laws, businesses are required to offer unpaid maternity leave of 12 weeks.

Facebook offers this for 17 weeks, and it is a paid leave as well and that too for both the parents and not just the would-be mom. Google too is offering a paid leave to pregnant women for 20 weeks. For would-be fathers, the paid leave is for nine weeks.