“Humans Have to Merge With Machines, or We Will Become Redundant” – Elon Musk

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Humans have no future and we are ourselves responsible for this, feels Elon Musk. Thanks to the rapid progress made in artificial intelligence, we will soon become redundant, he warns, unless we merge with machines and become cyborgs.

It may seem straight out of science fiction, but the SpaceX and Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO says this is going to be a reality, and much sooner than we think. A futurist, who has sometimes been compared with HG Wells, Musk says that humans have started off robotics and artificial intelligence, but the machines have the potential to teach themselves and become much smarter than humans and more efficient too. This could spell the end for humanity, he warns.

Humans Can Never Compete With Artificial Intelligence

If machines are more efficient and can do jobs quicker, then they will do everything, making humans virtually redundant. Artificial intelligence is so convenient that they will be everywhere in the future. Musk also predicts the rate of growth of AI will become even faster, bringing the end quickly. Humans can never fight back because even the dumbest artificial intelligence agent will be smarter than the smartest human.

We just have one option – to merge ourselves with AI. When that happens, we will seize to be biological beings and will turn into cyborgs.

Speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Musk said, “If humans want to continue to add value to the economy, they must augment their capabilities through a merger of biological intelligence and machine intelligence. If we fail to do this, we’ll risk becoming house cats to artificial intelligence”.

He says that the merger is inevitable. With improved knowledge of the brain’s neural activity, we can one day make “neuroprosthetics” that till let us communicate complicated ideas telepathically or give us additional cognitive or sensory abilities.

Musk also added he is already working on an injectable mesh-like “neural lace”, which can be fitted to the brain to provide us with digital computing capabilities.

Musk Speaks For Universal Basic Pay

There is likely to be mass unemployment when artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated. “There will be fewer and fewer jobs that a robot can’t do better”, he said. So I see a case for universal basic pay as insurance, the Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) boss added. But government’s need not worry, because with mass production everything is likely to cost much less in the future, which means the cost of living is going to come down drastically.