Mercedes Recalls 300,000 Cars Because of Fire Hazard

Mercedes recall

Daimler AG (ETR:DAI), the automaker from Germany that makes Mercedes said they are recalling 308,000 Mercedes-Benz cars is the United States on fears that these vehicles can catch a potentially devastating fire. This was revealed on Friday.

The recall is going to cover some E-Class, C-Class, CLA cars, and also the GLC, and GLA SUV’s that were manufactured between 2015 and 2017. The company says 50 of these cars have caught fire, with 31 of them just in the United States, and thus the precaution. There have been no reports of an injury or death, though.

The fire was first reported last June in field reports. The matter has been under investigation since then.

Engine Part Issue Is Causing the Fires

Daimler says there is an issue with an engine part, which is causing these electrical fires. For now, however, Daimler is recalling cars the company sold only in the US. There will be no international recall, they made it clear.

The fire and the potential threat it caused was revealed when the US government released some documents on Sunday. According to reports, when engine and transmission are not turning over, the starter motor may overheat when the driver makes repeated attempts to start the car.

Speaking to reporters, a Mercedes spokesperson said, “This situation typically occurs in the rare situation where a vehicle is stranded in a significant amount of standing water and the engine stalls and cannot be restarted on the first try”.

Daimler Says It Is A Voluntary Recall

The recall is going to be voluntary, though. However, Daimler (ETR:DAI) has still decided to notify all their US customers who purchased the Mercedes models about this. They will be notified in the next 60 days when to bring their automobiles to a dealer and get the issue fixed. It will just take about an hour to solve the problem, according to the carmaker. If any Mercedes owner misses it this time, then they can take the vehicle to a dealer again in July when the replacement parts will be available.

Many big-name carmakers are facing fire threats. Only a few days back, Lamborghini of Italy had to recall thousands of vehicles, including the $4 million rare Veneno supercar over fire risks. Owners were asked to get Evaporative Emission Control systems of their cars upgraded by contacting a service point.