“Manufacturing Will Return, But Jobs Won’t” – Airbnb CEO

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Brian Chesky, the Chief Executive of Airbnb, the online marketplace and hospitality service, feels manufacturing will return to the United States, which he says is great news. However, Brian feels this will not create a lot of jobs.

The Airbnb boss was speaking at an event organized by the Economic Club of New York on Monday. He said Trump won the election partly because of increasing global and US economic uncertainty. A lot of Americans were increasingly feeling angry that their prospects were not good anymore like before and so they decided to vote for the Republican candidate.

Robots Will Take Up the Manufacturing Jobs

Brian Chesky said, “The thing is — globalization has nothing on automation. That is the reality”. He went on to add that manufacturing may return to the US, but this does not mean that those jobs will come back. So where will the jobs go? Brian says robots will take them up. Labels on clothes may read, “Made by robots in America”. Chesky added saying that, “That’s what tech is going to do. Robots are going to be cheaper than China”.

To reiterate his point, Chesky who has been heading Airbnb since August 2008, pointed the results of a study carried out by Oxford University a few years back. The researchers found that about half of all jobs in America will be automated in the next couple of decades. At the time, many believed this to be an understatement, a conservative estimate. Those in tech believe it’s going to happen much sooner.

Robotics and artificial intelligence have been in the news over the last few months as many analysts and experts have pointed out the intelligent robots are just a few years away. Once they are intelligent enough, the robots will eat up many jobs, particularly the process-oriented ones. Robots will be more efficient and quicker and production will be cheaper too, so humans can never compete with them.

Those Who Embrace Technology Will Stay Ahead

But Brian Chesky disagrees, saying that, “I am not scared, I am actually very optimistic. We have super computers in our pocket. It’s important to realize the world is changing. He goes on to add that those who embrace technology will be ahead of the curve.

Airbnb has already carried out an internal study to look at both direct and indirect economic impact. The CEO says as far as their business goes, they will be creating 1.3 million jobs this year.