Samsung (KRX:005930) Launches Bixby, Goes After Amazon, Apple, and Google

Samsung Bixby

Voice assistants have become a range in the last few months. On Tuesday, Samsung Electronics (KRX:005930) launched their voice assistant Bixby, even as the South Korea-based electronics firm took off the wraps of their flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone.

Will Bixby Help Samsung Lead the “Voice” Battleground?

With the launch of Bixby, Samsung is taking on Alexa of Amazon, Google Assistance, and Apple’s Siri. Analysts are already saying this is the “most important” move in the company’s history. Many tech firms are racing for the top spot in “voice”, which is being seen as a key way people will interact not only with their phones but all connected devices in the home soon.

Apparently, the house has emerged as the latest battleground. The entry of Samsung is significant because they are the biggest smartphone player in the world now. The firm is also a big-time appliance and television manufacturer.

Samsung showed off Bixby’s abilities at the Galaxy S8 launch event. However, it was also revealed these abilities will initially be limited, but eventually, they will grow. Users will be able to take pictures of monuments, for example, and Bixby will then be able to recognize the place, and it will also provide detailed information about it. The voice assistant will also be able to handle complex requests like finding all pictures in your photo album that you took in London.

For now, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphone will have Google Assistant because it runs on Android. However, Samsung’s corporate vice president for mobile in Europe Jean-Daniel Ayme says, that will change with time. All Samsung smartphones of the future will have Bixby.

There are many features in Bixby that are not present in the voice assistants of their rivals. Samsung wants to build on this by getting technology from Viv, a company founded by the inventors of Apple Siri. Samsung has recently acquired Viv.

Samsung Wants Bixby to Play a Bigger Role

But, there is more to Bixby than just the phone. Samsung (KRX:005930) wants it to be a key tool for the connected home and the future of the internet of things. Amazon has taken a lead here with the Echo, which was released in 2014. Echo can link up with all internet-connected devices. There is also Google Home and the Apple HomeKit app.

A Samsung spokesperson said, “We think that the smartphone can be a gateway to all this ecosystem, it’s the one place you will be able to interact with all these things”.