Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Launches Crowdfunding for Emergencies

facebook fundraiser

Mark Zuckerberg said last year Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) was “a platform for all ideas”. That statement was specifically aimed at users expressing their “political opinions”, but it cannot be denied that the social network has introduced many new and innovative features from time to time.

The New “Personal Fundraiser” Feature on Facebook

The latest in this is a crowdfunding feature that will help user’s back six types of causes that require intervention, such as medical emergencies, education, crisis relief, pet medical, funerals, and personal emergencies. Facebook is dubbing this new tool as “Personal Fundraiser”. Using this tool, users of Facebook above the age of 18 years will be able to raise money for themselves, for a friend, something, or someone.

This was revealed on a blog post of Facebook on Thursday. Later, Facebook’s Vice President for Social Good also informed the press about this in a news post. “You can share it in a newsfeed and invite friends directly to your fundraiser. People can donate in a few taps right on Facebook, and can easily share their fundraiser with their own friends”.

Facebook, will apparently test this new tool over the next few weeks in the United States before it is finally rolled out. More categories are likely to be added later. Users who have verified pages like, for instance, public figures will also be able to add a “donate” button that is tied to a nonprofit on their Facebook Live videos.

Controversy About the Facebook Personal Fundraiser

However, there is a controversy about this latest initiative already. Some people have accused Facebook of closing GoFundMe, which first popularized personal crowdfunding campaigns. Many of these campaigns have faced hurdles, because of a small number of “rip off” abusive campaigns, many of which have gained traction. To prevent this from happening, Facebook says they are going to carry out reviews 24 hours a day.

However, there have been many genuine campaigns on GoFundMe as well. One of them was to raise money for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. Money has also been raised to help athletes travel and compete in last year’s Rio De Janeiro Olympics.

In the blog post, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) encouraged users to try this new feature and raise money for genuine causes. “We’re constantly inspired by all the good done by people on Facebook and are committed to building tools that help build a supportive and safe global community”, the post said.