McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) Staff Looking Like Star Wars Villains in New Uniforms

mcdonalds uniform

McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) has just introduced new uniforms for their staff members after deciding to give their floor crew a makeover. The struggling McDonald’s is trying everything to turn it around. They are launching a new menu, changing the décor of their restaurants, and now this new uniform.

The new uniform was launched in the US on April 12th at 14,000 restaurants across the country. An estimated 850,000 employees will have to wear them.

However, the social media is not amused. Many people on social media were quick to point out that it looks like a dress from a faraway galaxy.

A Futuristic Dress From Star Wars?

The outfits have different shades of gray. There is boxiness about the dress with many straight lines. A few critics on Twitter have said the uniforms look like the dress worn by officers on board the Empire starships in Star Wars. One person said the new dress makes the cook and staff team look like Darth Vader’s minions. Some are even comparing them to the dystopian society seen in The Hunger Games. A few people compared the new dress to the clothes worn in the spoof Space Balls, which featured Mel Brooks.

Most people on the social media are not happy that McDonald’s employees will now look like Star Wars villains.

McDonald’s reportedly wanted something modern, and yet functional and fashionable. Waraire Boswell and Bindu Rivas together designed this dress. Boswell says on his website that many celebrities have worn his creations, including Will Smith, TV show host Ellen DeGeneres, singer Pharrell Williams, and the Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant.

McDonald’s Is Happy With the New Uniform Design

McDonald’s is claiming 70 percent of their staff loves the new dress. They are saying it is “very modern”, with a few saying they will be “proud to wear” the uniform. The company even posted a video, which takes a viewer through the years of the different costumes on their employees from the 1950s. It shows the staff wearing an all-white, brown, and white checkerboard style dresses. The video also shows how female employees had to wear a bow in their hair, and blue uniforms in the 70s.

Jez Langhorn, the senior director of HR at McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) said, “Our new collections focus on comfort, fit, functionality and contemporary professionalism, delivering a uniform that crew and managers will feel comfortable to work in and proud to wear”.